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Use ’em up!

For our first family pet, naming rights went to my daughter. After trying out several options (Butterscotch and Nemo), she settled on “Squiggles.” It is pretty perfect for our sweet orange boy.

But, if another cat falls into our lap (being very careful of what I wish for), I’d name him or her “Scraps.” That’s how much I love my scraps. I save every bit of fabric. I save long bits of thread. I almost started saving empty plastic thread spools the other day.

So is my inability to toss any fabric scrap larger than a postage stamp thrift or the first sign of a deep disorder? Debatable, but in the “Yea for thriftiness!” ┬ácolumn, I’d place this runner I made from bits and pieces I had in my scrap bin.

scrappy runner


Add to the scrap happiness this project from Sandi Henderson’s book, Sewing Bits and Pieces. The instructions for this adorable pinwheel project are on her web site. Sandi blogs about sewing, crafts and the stuff of life.

Sandi Henderson pinwheel project

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