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Totally tatty

So, what’s in a name? When it comes to fabric that’s new to me, I usually refer to it as “upcycled” or “thrifted.” So, does that sound better than “used” or “second-hand”? Words do have power–dealerships no longer refer to not-new cars as “used”: Now they’re “pre-owned.” We don’t covet “old” clothes, but vintage? That’s another story.

Funny, when we bought our Victorian home, no-one referred to it as “pre-owned.”

Now that I’ve read about HappyTat, a British collective whose aim is to refurbish furniture and sell it to benefit local charities, I’m adding “tatty” to my list of adjectives. Seems the Brits like to throw this term around when we ‘Mericans might use “trashy” or “worn out.” Like “dodgy” and “telly,” the word “tatty” just seems so much more charming.

I’m looking at the “tatty” linens in my stash and considering a project like this originally from BLHDN.com. Wouldn’t this be oh-so-refreshing to hang once the holiday trimmings come down?

bunting from BHLDN.com

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