Fabric Salad

Green goodness for quilters and sewists

About Us

Yum, fabric… The colors, the patterns, the feel: It’s all delicious. I think you know what I mean. You and I both love the raw material of our sewing, quilting and crafting.

With my serious fabric fetish (OK, obsession), it pained me to learn a few hard truths: Cotton is one of the most pesticide-dependent crops on earth, and the industrial dyeing process uses vast amounts of energy and water while creating toxins and pollutants.

So, it’s time to explore the options, and reach out to other quilters, sewists and crafters who might be fellow travelers. ¬†The goal of Fabric Salad is to showcase “green” alternatives to the status quo. Here, you’ll read about the latest organic fabrics, about recycled fabrics and the designers who use them and about tools to help you create in a more eco-conscious¬†way.

Crafters are a thrifty bunch. We save every scrap, so there’s no doubt we can help save the world.