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Late to the party

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock with me, you quilters know there’s a whole lot of stripping going on around the quilty universe. Seems everyone and her sister is making a version of the trip around the world quilt and posting it on Instagram (#scrappytripalong).

Seriously, there are more than two thousand photos on Instagram of these scrappy darlings. It warms my eco-green heart to see so many folks heading to their stash and discovering how much beauty they can conjure up.

After seeing a demo of the process at last week’s meeting of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, and reading the tutorial on Quiltville I joined in the fun….even though the last time I made a quilt from a pattern I had a headache for days. This isn’t really like following a pattern, though. Much can be left to chance and the blocks go together in a jif.

Here’s the progress so far….


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