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It is us

I try to keep it upbeat here at the Salad–offering suggestions for positive changes and new ways to imagine raw materials for arts and crafts. Then I come across something that just has to be shared, something I find scary and shaming. Photographer and artist Chris Jordan’s work “Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait” is a series of pieces depicting what we use and buy. Like this photo of the 2 million plastic beverage bottles we use every 5 minutes in this country. Every 5 minutes. It depicts a sea of plastic–a sea that is re-created 12 times every hour.

Chris Jordan Or this piece that shows the 1.14 million brown paper bags we use every hour.

Chris Jordan An American Self PortraitHere’s what Chris Jordan, the artist, told  The Global Intelligencer: “My underlying desire is to emphasize the role of the individual in a society that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible, and overwhelming.”

All I can think is, “Why do we do this and how can we stop?”

One day, one action

The sun is shining on a glorious spring day here in Ohio…truly a spectacular day to honor the earth. But all is not tulips and daffodils: I’m torn between hope that small actions (like making a quilt from scraps or re-purposing outgrown clothing) can make a difference and the overwhelming fear that the collective damage to our fragile planet is beyond our ability to repair.

Choosing hope seems to me the only path. Hope that our small actions will spark change. Hope that small actions will bring healing. Hope that small actions will inspire others.

Happy Earth Day to our one and only.

earth day

earth day

Age and beauty

Rich colors, glorious patina, the beauty of a life well-lived: It’s all there in the vintage Indian quilts offered by MUNY (a blend of Mumbai and New York).

Quilt with sari border

MUNY vintage quilt

G’day, it’s Wombat Day!

Here’s a holiday I can heartily embrace: Wombat Day. Held each year in October, the holiday celebrates Australia’s favorite burrowing, nocturnal mammal, and includes (sign me up) chocolate cake, fudge and gumdrops. Where has this holiday been?

Fortunately, this year, we’re all in the know, thanks to Lindsey Rhodes,  over at LR Stitched. She whipped up this adorable tunic from organic cotton in the Wombat Wonderland collection by Saffron Craig. Take a look at the line and enjoy savings today from Honey Be Good online fabric shop.

A special thanks to Wombania for information on all things wombat.

Leaf it to Janie

The leaves are turning gorgeous colors here, but how cool would it be to see trees decked out in the luscious colors of Daisy Janie’s new line, New Leaf?

New Leaf from Daisy Janie


Raking leaves would be so much better if they fell in hot hues of lemon, berry and tangerine.
Designer Jan Dicintio crafted the line of 100 percent organic cotton and included Festoon, a  selvedge-to-selvedge repeat pattern pictured in the middle of the photo. You could cut strips parallel to the selvedge and use for borders or sashing, use it as a cheater panel or just enjoy the happy jumble of colors in a whole cloth quilt.
Jan (who blogs here) previews this line at Quilt Market next week, and expects it in stores this winter.

Cargo a go-go

Searching for ways to repurpose and reuse, I recently designed a couple of totes and a few iPad covers made from upcycled cargo pants. I started with four or five pairs I found at my local Goodwill store, then spent a bit of time ripping seams. Thank goodness for this awesome tool

Straight-leg styles with very little tapering provide plenty of fabric for a really generous tote. I used a section of pant leg for each side of a tote. An added bonus for cargo pants is all the pockets: I carefully removed them and used them as inside pockets on the totes, and as little stash spots on the outside of the iPad covers.

I’m thrilled that several of them sold today at our booth at a local craft fair.


Which came first; the chicken or the peacock?

Peafowl are everywhere. (You know it’s only the boy peafowl that are called peacocks, right?) A quick search on Etsy for peacock leads you to everything from baby tutus to edible peacock feather cake decorations to peacock tights.

Even the Smithsonian Institution is calling fowl. The Freer Gallery in Washington D.C. opens it Peacock Room exhibit later this month.

The Peacock Room at Freer Gallery

American artist James Whistler created a vision in turquoise and gold. The Peacock Room exhibit opens September 20 at the Freer Gallery.

So, was Geninne Zlatkis following the trend or setting it when she designed her Alegria line featuring such aviary delights as this Peacock print?

Peacocks print Alegria line

Make a feathered friend with Peacock, part of Cloud 9 Fabric's Alegria line.

By the looks of Geninne’s blog, flora and fauna are enduring muses for this Mexican artist. Cloud 9 Fabric presents her eye-popping visuals in organic cotton.




It’s a banner day

Fabric bunting from Think Fast blog

Scrap or vintage fabric gathering dust? Kim Kesti at Think Fast shows you how to run it up the flagpole.

Upcycled Fabric Banner
From baby shower to picnic to formal holidays, put the fabric banner on your guest list.

Let’s get this party started: A long weekend is here! Even though I hate that it signals the end of summer, Labor Day is a welcome relief from high-maintenance holidays. I don’t need to rush out for Labor Day gifts or send out Labor Day cards. Whew! Now I can concentrate on chilling the drinks.

If you’re planning a get together, add to the festivities with an upcycled fabric banner. Crafting a Green World offers instructions for a super easy, no sew, let-her-rip banner. Let the kids help with this one.

Plenty of bunting style tutorials flutter in the Internet breeze. Have a look at this one from Think Fast. Why not invite scrap or upcycled fabric to your next soiree? Cheers!