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Nose job

Like other folks of the green persuasion, I buy recycled paper products whenever possible…paper towels, copy paper, toilet paper and the like. And, yes, the brilliant (!) thought crossed my mind, “I use cloth napkins, why aren’t there cloth tissues?” This brilliant (!) thought was followed by a classic duh moment. “Cloth tissues? They’re called handkerchiefs, and they’ve been around forever.” Oh, right.

But then, I saw these cloth tissues on Etsy, made by JuniperseedMerc from organic bamboo. Brilliant (!)

Cloth tissues

These wipers are wonderful and they reminded me how much I love vintage handkerchiefs. I’m old enough to remember my mom and aunts always having a floral or embroidered hankie in their purses. One of my favorite quilt shows is fast approaching in Lebanon, Ohio. The show leans toward traditional and vintage wares. Every year I find a few handkerchiefs that have to come home with me. So what have I made with them? Um…, nothing yet, but I have created a board on Pinterest (brilliant!) to inspire me when the time comes. Enjoy!


Wrap It Up Organically

Can’t part with any fabric from your stash to use as gift wrapping this season? Chewing the Cud, a San Francisco  company, has the answer with Give Wraps. Viola, the designer behind the wraps, chose organic cotton for her product. “Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that are gentle on our planet,” Viola says. “Soy-based inks are less harmful to the environment, compared to petroleum-based inks.”

The wraps make a gift even more special, with imprinted messages like “Give joy”, “Give peace” and “Give thanks.” The wrap can be reused as a scarf, pillow cover or in the sewing project of your choice. One bride used a handful of Give Luck wraps to create a quilt for her wedding guests to sign.

And don’t worry, you can make your package look just as lovely as the photo, using the step-by-step instructions on the company’s blog.

Give Wrap from Chewing the Cud

Bye-bye baggies

My daughter pointed it out to me first: Using plastic baggies every day in her lunch was really wasteful. Hard to argue with an 8-year-old tree-hugger, so we bought a few reusable cloth bags for her sandwiches and snacks. Anything that doesn’t fit in the bags goes into a reusable container.

The High Fiber ups the eco-quotient in their snack bags by lining them with unbleached organic cotton fabric. And, they’re adorable, too.

The High Fiber snack bags


Leaf it to Janie

The leaves are turning gorgeous colors here, but how cool would it be to see trees decked out in the luscious colors of Daisy Janie’s new line, New Leaf?

New Leaf from Daisy Janie


Raking leaves would be so much better if they fell in hot hues of lemon, berry and tangerine.
Designer Jan Dicintio crafted the line of 100 percent organic cotton and included Festoon, a  selvedge-to-selvedge repeat pattern pictured in the middle of the photo. You could cut strips parallel to the selvedge and use for borders or sashing, use it as a cheater panel or just enjoy the happy jumble of colors in a whole cloth quilt.
Jan (who blogs here) previews this line at Quilt Market next week, and expects it in stores this winter.

A new hue or two

Tangerine, plum, berry…the new fall color shades in the Pure Organic line from Robert Kaufman sound juicy. Not feeling fruity? How about colors like lagoon, lake, grass and sky? Either way, you can’t go wrong with fabric that’s 100 percent organic cotton and colored with low-impact dyes. Wrap it up! I’ll take it!

Pure Organic Fall 2012