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Leaf it to Janie

The leaves are turning gorgeous colors here, but how cool would it be to see trees decked out in the luscious colors of Daisy Janie’s new line, New Leaf?

New Leaf from Daisy Janie


Raking leaves would be so much better if they fell in hot hues of lemon, berry and tangerine.
Designer Jan Dicintio crafted the line of 100 percent organic cotton and included Festoon, a  selvedge-to-selvedge repeat pattern pictured in the middle of the photo. You could cut strips parallel to the selvedge and use for borders or sashing, use it as a cheater panel or just enjoy the happy jumble of colors in a whole cloth quilt.
Jan (who blogs here) previews this line at Quilt Market next week, and expects it in stores this winter.

A new hue or two

Tangerine, plum, berry…the new fall color shades in the Pure Organic line from Robert Kaufman sound juicy. Not feeling fruity? How about colors like lagoon, lake, grass and sky? Either way, you can’t go wrong with fabric that’s 100 percent organic cotton and colored with low-impact dyes. Wrap it up! I’ll take it!

Pure Organic Fall 2012

Get in the grove

Grove Home Dec from Birch

Birch Organics announced its first foray into home decorator fabrics last week with The Grove. The line of heavier-weight organic cotton features graphics inspired by Birch Organic’s Jay-Cyn Designs’ backyard wildlife in California.

The color palette and reined-in prints make the line perfect for a wide variety of decor styles.


Can you can?

I do try to eat local, and know that I could stretch my local foods by learning how to can. People say it’s easy, but I think I would end up putting up a whole batch of botulism.


Guess I’ll just stick with eating corn and tomatoes when they’re fresh…and maybe calling in a few favors on my friends who cook up sauce by the quart.

Or, I could live vicariously through this adorable print from Samantha Cotterill. Charming, isn’t it? If you want to get a closer look at Samantha’s enchanting illustrations check out her blog Mummy Sam. To purchase a yard or two of her organic knit fabric, visit her etsy shop.

Kitchen Jars fabric from Mummy Sam.

Hemp gets high eco marks

Kentucky tobacco farmers looking to make good use of their land are campaigning for their state to legalize the growing of hemp. Folks across the state can lower their eyebrows: It’s the stalks of the plant (not their intoxicating flowers) that are a valuable commodity. Among the many uses of hemp are to make fabrics that, like flax linen, are hard-wearing and versatile.

Online retailer Hemp Traders sings even greater praise for hemp fabrics, saying they keep wearers cool in summer, warm in winter and are smooth, strong and highly absorbent.

Hemp is eco-friendly too: Growing the plant requires no pesticides or herbicides.

Among the offerings at Hemp Traders are linen fabrics in several weights. The company says the fabric becomes softer with every washing.


Interested in getting a feel for hemp? Order a swatch book here.

What Did We Eat Before Cupcakes?

Pity the disregarded doughnut, the passed-over pie, the defeated Napolean. If you’re not a cupcake these days, you may as well go straight to the day-old rack.

It’s OK. Fabric Salad loves dessert as well as the next gal.

Looking for a sugar rush? Add one of these sweet fabrics to your next project recipe:

Bake Shop by Blank Textiles

Bake Shop from Blank Textiles.

Cupcake Cuties from Classic Cottons

Cupcake Cuties from Classic Cottons

Bake collection from Makower

Bake Collection from Makower UK. 

Black and White 2012 collection from Makower

Black & White 2012 Collection from Makower.