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August 2012 archive

It’s a banner day

Fabric bunting from Think Fast blog

Scrap or vintage fabric gathering dust? Kim Kesti at Think Fast shows you how to run it up the flagpole.

Upcycled Fabric Banner
From baby shower to picnic to formal holidays, put the fabric banner on your guest list.

Let’s get this party started: A long weekend is here! Even though I hate that it signals the end of summer, Labor Day is a welcome relief from high-maintenance holidays. I don’t need to rush out for Labor Day gifts or send out Labor Day cards. Whew! Now I can concentrate on chilling the drinks.

If you’re planning a get together, add to the festivities with an upcycled fabric banner. Crafting a Green World offers instructions for a super easy, no sew, let-her-rip banner. Let the kids help with this one.

Plenty of bunting style tutorials flutter in the Internet breeze. Have a look at this one from Think Fast. Why not invite scrap or upcycled fabric to your next soiree? Cheers!



68 pounds

According to Earth 911, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person, per year. Not give away, not hand down to others, just put in a bin and drag to the curb.

All those tossed textiles started me thinking about the Gees Bend quilts. The women of this small Southern community weren’t throwing away 68 pounds of clothing every year. They made do (and made art) with what they had: Worn jeans, shirts, work pants and other bits of fabric.

Gees Bend quilt

Of course, quilters have been using scraps of cast-off clothing for years.

So here’s a challenge for you: What could you do with some of the clothing or textiles that you, your family or friends might otherwise throw away?

Zig when the others zag

Chevron is all the rage. The folks at Cloud 9 mix it up a bit with a zig zag organic cotton canvasCloud 9 zig zag. Part of the company’s GeoCentric line, the graphic print is perfectly proportioned for a range of projects. You’ll find instructions for a book bag, fabulous tote, knitting needle caddy and more on the company’s blog.